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Super Pro

guy with gear on The Super Pro harness and container system was built by Pioneer Parachute Company in the 1969. The main container was 2 inches narrower than other containers of the time. The alignment of the closing pins along a diagonal, instead of straight up and down, made pulling easier. Velcro was used to secure the main pin cover flap. Pack opening bands were used to pull open the flaps after the ripcord was pulled. There was a stiffener under the bottom cone that helped facilitate packing.

main container

The harness hardware had full coverage cushions. Sliding cushions provided for stowing of excess leg strap.

harness The reserve had four snaps that could adjust the reserve riser length. This allowed for better balance depending upon a person's height and weight. The reserve was clipped to the main lift web 2 inches below the Capewells, for a safer and more comfortable descent under the reserve. The reserve container was curved to fit against the jumper's body better. The reserve container was made for Pioneer's 23 foot steerable reserve canopy. The larger 24' and 26' canopies would not fit.



alligator clip The reserve attached to the bottom of the main container with narrow webbing and an 'alligator' clip. This reduced weight and bulk of the system. The clip released with a gentle squeeze and did not accidentally open. Type VII webbing was used.

Harness and Main Container Assembly: $133.50
Reserve Container Assembly: $61.45
as of 1969

You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Harness and Container >> Super Pro

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