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Canopy Control, Hook Turn and Turf Surfing Training


DATE: March 20, 2000

POWAY, CA -- Acme has designed a training course for those that want to safely learn canopy control, hook turns and turf surfing in congested jumper airspace. The 1-day course is available for all skill levels. Lunch is included.

SECTION 1. Participants watch video of canopy collisions and unsuccessful hook turns and turf surfs for several hours. The video is updated daily and the time in this part of the course increases. Sometimes we have live video feed from a nearby DZ.

SECTION 2. Participants practice turf surfing by jumping out of the back of a pickup travelling at 30-40 mph across a nearby golf course. Each participant faces the cab of the truck and jumps off backwards. Each participant must successfully complete 10 pickup truck jumps, without any injuries, before proceeding. We find that most people wash out of the course during this section.

SECTION 3. Participants practice hook turns by jumping over the side of the aforementioned truck, travelling at 30-40 mph. Participants must do 5 of these practice hook turns, without injury, before proceeding. No one has passed this part of the course.

SECTION 4. Participants practice avoiding canopy collisions with our patented "Jumper-Pinata" hanging harness. Each participant is suspended approximately 20 feet above the ground. Other participants then try to wrap the "Jumper-Pinata" with our patented canopy flags. One canopy is attached between two poles, creating the canopy flag. Each pole is manuevered by a person on the ground. The two people with the poles try to wrap the suspended "Jumper-Pinata". The "Jumper-Pinata" person trys to avoid getting wrapped. We don't know how well this part of the course works because no one has made it through Section 3.

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You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Humor >> Canopy Control, Hook Turn and Turf Surfing Training

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