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Keep up the good work.
Anne Heck

I have just registered at ParachuteHistory.com I found this site very interesting although I am skydiving student.
Robert Berend

Very cool...
Al Krueger

Got to tell you,  as an old jumper, active from 1962 through 1980, C-3917 and ASO 17, I think that you are doing a wonderful job with this well presented and researched site.
I was Leon Riche's head jumpmaster and pilot at Southern Parachute Center in Hammond, Louisiana ( moved to Covington, Louisiana and closed, I think, in late 80's ) for quite a few years. I also operated a few small centers in Florida in the 70's.
Well, again, great work and thanks. 
Mike Marcon

Another good issue - - little by little it comes together
David Llorente, D-725

Keep up the good job!!!!!
Don Vredenburg

1967: First winners of the Rumbleseat Meet: The Arvin Good Guys: Brian Williams, John Rinard, Jim Dann, Terry Ward, Clark Fischer, Bill Newell, Louie Paproski, Scratch Garrison, Clarice Garrison and Jerry Bird.
Aahhh, I'm infamous at last.
Please tell your spell checker that S*K*ratch is spelled with a *K* when it refers to me.
S*c*ratch with a *c* is a new jumper down in Texas unless it refers to the other S*c*ratch who was in the Australian Army in 1976 when I went down there to help their 4 way team get started.
Nice news letter :-)
Skratch Garrison

Thanks for the info. This is very enlightening.
Mike Perry

I have been enjoying reading the history. I was 18 when I started jumping in 1983. This latest posting brings back some old memories. One name on the list, Jack Bergman, was USPA treasurer. I worked for him at the Nationals in Muskogee. I also saw him the night he died. By coincidence at a funeral.
Jamie Goggin

Thank you again, Jan - - appreciate going back a day or two to recall those days of yesteryear
David Llorente, D-725

Most all of my other favorite weekly mailings have sent the obligatory, "Due to the horrible tragedy...", as a reason not to do their mailing. Needless to say, the comedy ones were right in doing so. It wouldn't have been appropriate. With mailings like yours, informational by nature (with a little humor thrown in), they're a needed 'normality'. The more we all continue to spite the scum that did this by continuing our 'normal' way of life as much as possible (until we can get around to wiping the 'SCUM' from the face of the earth), the better. You did an excellent job of finding the perfect blend of things that were relevant to the hijacking (like how we made it so darned easy for them with our lack of security) and things that weren't. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! L8R, muscat
P.S. God Bless America!
Mike Muscat

I enjoy your work, keep it coming.
'Texas' Tom

love your e-mails. thanks,
Garth Taggart SCR-38

Great site! I'm always looking foreward to the next topic to come!
Greetings from Germany,
Matthias Kunze

ParachuteHistory.com is one of my favourite web sites - Cheers , thanks etc, etc, etc,
Bryan Teeson

Thanks for the info. Great site.
Debbie Harper

I really enjoy the newsleter. Keep it coming.
Mark Meltzer

Once again great stuff...
Thank you... love the newsletter... keep up the good work!
Michael Sergio

Just read the Teddy Hamms story. Great, cool, super groovy!
Paul Quade

Just a note to let you know, I think you created a fantastic website and I/we appreciate everything you put into it, Thanks,
Dave Armstrong

great website!
Bruce Chapman

Really appreciated your piece on disabilities -- I met Larry Yohn through a mutual friend (not a sky diver), and jumped with him out at Perris. He's really a good guy.
Doug Garr

Your history pieces are very well done. I really enjoy them.
Dan Poynter

Good site ... keep it coming!
Blue ones ...
Alan Piper

I read the article on Steve in Parachute history.com. Nice job.
Michael Owens

PEOPLE ARE GIVING UP AN ARM AND A LEG TO GET ON THIS LOAD - Pieces of Eight numbers 20 and 21 were awarded to Mark Billings and Amy Plagge on Nov. 18, 2001 at Perris, CA. See their history at http://ParachuteHistory.com/skydive/records/poe.html
Nicely done...Thank you.
Al Krueger

I've looked at the page and the article of POE is very well done!
Lori Thomas

You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Reviews

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