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A Dark Night

by Pat Dunbar

A Dark Night 382 pages, softcover
ISBN: 09743993-0-2
Published by Pat Dunbar.

$13.50 US + $2.50 shipping [US addresses only]

About the Book

At speeds between 120 and 180 miles per hour, Terri and Wanda found adventure and romance in an addicting new sport that propelled them into an exciting, fascinating world. They became involved with an impassioned, record-setting group that was developing skills that, unwittingly, resulted in raising the sport to a higher standard.

It was during a time that, perhaps, will never be equaled. There was flower power, a sexual revolution, rioting, the war in Viet Nam, hippies, and a political and social upheaval. Also, prominent in worldwide news for over a year, was one of the cleverest, boldest, and most audacious events of the century, causing the FBI to grope like blind mice.

Security measures at airports were minimal. There were no metal detectors or X-ray machines. Virtually anyone with a ticket could board an airliner with a concealed weapon.

The reader of this book will have a better understanding of who was responsible for the fledgling security procedures that were installed at all commercial airports.

Much of this book is based on true events as reflected by the author. Real-life names are used throughout. Nonetheless, some names obviously have been changed. Some characters are composited or invented. Some incidents are fictionalized.

Pat Dunbar extends many thanks to all who were involved in these events. In fact, indebtedness is owed to sources of information such as the Seattle Post/Intelligencer, the Seattle Times, the Lewis River News, and the Los Angeles Times.

Wherever possible, permission was obtained to use the real-life names of the characters in the book. For various reasons, some names were changed.

Pat Dunbar

About Pat Dunbar

Pat Dunbar is a pen-name for a famous skydiver from the 1960's and 70's. He *might* even be DB Cooper - for all we know??!!


A Dark Night is a good read. I read half of it a month ago on my trip to Thailand. I got back to it last night at 9 PM. I was only going to read until 11PM. Little did I know that I would not be able to put it down until I finished the book. I took me until 2:30 AM.

The story has real jump stories about real jumpers and a little fiction. Sometimes it was hard to tell what was real and what was an embellishment.

In the end, you are left wondering about the real DB Cooper story.

- Geronimo.

You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Products >> A Dark Night

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