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Falling into Place

by Rita Ippoliti

Falling into Place 336 pages, softcover
ISBN: 0972335102
Published by kyros Publishing.

$19.95 US + $4.00 shipping

This book is temporarily unavailable. I have lost contact with Rita's family since she died. If any of her family reads this, please contact me so that I can continue to sell her book.

About the Book

"Ready, set, go!" With a rousing shout, a group of skydivers leaps from an airplane 13,000 feet above the earth. During freefall they build intricate formations before separating, deploying their colorful canopies and gliding in for a landing. Skydivers are a unique breed. Whether world-class competitors or recreational jumpers, all are bound by camaraderie based on the ultimate stakes: life or death.

It was into this world that Rita Ippoliti sought entrance. At the age of 40, she wanted to add adventure to a life grown dull. But the odds that a middle-aged, overweight and uncoordinated woman would take to this extreme sport were stacked against her from the start. She certainly got far more than she bargained for, as jump training led her onto a path of self-renewal and personal growth.

Falling Into Place vividly describes how Rita defies the odds and wins over her harshest critics. Instructors and fellow students, most of them half her age and far more physically adept than she, admire her fierce determination to succeed. Rita's emotions careen and spin with every flight as she botches maneuvers in freefall, suffers humiliating debriefing sessions and tries every known training method to achieve self-jumpmaster status. After reading Rita's story, maybe your dreams, like hers, will start Falling Into Place.

About Rita Ippoliti

A native of Philadelphia, Rita Ippoliti is an information technology professional with an MBA from LaSalle University. She has worked in staff and consultation positions both in and out of the IT field. Ippoliti has written feature articles on a variety of topics; recent articles have appeared in Skydiving Magazine and Parachutist. She currently provides web content for an intranet site of Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc., and is on the editorial board of SkyXtreme.com.

Ippoliti holds a Basic Skydiving License issued by the United States Parachute Association, entitling her to jump at drop zones all over the world. She is working on her next book and on the next step in her ever-continuing quest for a life filled with adventure.


I had the pleasure to read Rita Ippoliti's book Falling Into Place. It was a perfect way to spend a very cold Chicago day.

She takes you on every skydive with her, you can hear the wind, smell the jet fuel and you find yourself cheering her on. It describes one womans struggle to master this sport we all love. It also touches on all the reasons we jump.

Rita describes how she changed because of skydiving and how it has affected other areas of her life. It is worth getting and reading, it will remind you of all your student jumps, and just might make you look at the new jumpers in a different light.

Great job Rita. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

- Karen, aka UnclBennie

"Falling into Place, is the story of how her adventure, her unrelenting desire to become a skydiver went from dream to reality. She tried every possible way to become a skydiver, some ways she tried more than once. When it looked like all avenues were exhausted and nothing new she could try, she managed to do the dance, even though in her own opinion she had three left feet. She gave determination new definition.

Descriptions of some events had me thinking it wasn't Rita doing the writing. 'vestiges of abdominal distress' just didn't sound like something Rita girl would say. 'Who farted,' was more likely.

She shares her fears, and the feeling she experiences as each are put to rest.

'In that instant I know I have achieved a milestone. I have surmounted the hurdle that's been standing in my way all these years...'

I found her arrangement of alpha-bits quite an enjoyable read. The last two pages were ... uhh ... well said girl. I wish I could write that well."

- James, aka SkyJames

"A story of courage and the power of the human spirit, Falling into Place portrays Rita Ippoliti's journey in the sport of skydiving. Often humorous, sometimes tragic, it's a story that will appeal to the heart of both jumpers and non-jumpers alike."

- Dan Poynter, Author of The Skydivers Handbook and The Self-Publishing Manual

"Rita aspired to the skies. Trained in every skydiving program available, she wasn't the best student . . . nor the worst . . . but if her ability matched her heart, she would be a world champion. To those of us who know her, she is just that . . . a champion."

- Jim Bozarth, Jumpmaster and Member of the famous Flying Elvises Skydiving Team

"Rita is one of us and this book is inspirational in how she endures her tribulations, because.......she wanted nothing more in her life at that time.........than to be one of us.

Her story is compelling, and not only am I touched by her perseverance, but I'm happy for her that she has a god given talent to express her thoughts in a way that most of us can't. She may never be half as good a skydiver as most of us, but then, she is by far......a better author than any of us.

She conquered the challenge of becoming a skydiver, and now she has conquered the challenge of becoming a published author."

- Mike O'Mara, aka Mr. MOM

US: $19.95 US + $4.00 shipping

You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Products >> Falling into Place

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