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CM-55 The LISI parachute is one amazing thing. It was first designed and jumped in 1930 by Italians. At first glance it looks like any other round type parachute. It is a 20-gore, flat, circular canopy that can be static lined or used in freefall. It looks very much like this picture of the CMP-55 on the right.

What is amazing about the LISI is that it can be collapsed AFTER it is fully inflated. This is not unusual for ramair parachutes, but for a round parachute it is.

LISI The canopy had an extra set of lines that were used to collapse it. The extra set of lines was 2 meters long and attached about 1 to 2 meters below the apex. The bundle of lines was attached to a steel box that contained a pulley.

An 18-meter long rope ran through the pulley. One end of the pulley rope was fixed to the inside of the pack tray, around shoulder level. The rope ran through the pulley and then back down to the front of the jumper. The jumper pulled on the rope and this relieved tension on the outside set of lines.

When the rope was pulled far enough, the canopy collapsed, as shown in the picture. It resembled a tulip shape when collapsed. Larger Picture

The descent rate in the collapsed mode was about 18 m/s (59 ft/s).

Releasing the rope allowed the parachute to reinflate.

The LISI disappeared from use around 1969.

You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Round >> LISI

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