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The PTCH parachute was a flat circular canopy manufactured by Omnipol. Over several design modifications it had drive and turn slots. The performance was good enough to make it a competative canopy at World Meets from 1956 to 1968.

The PTCH-7, shown below, had several turn slots on each side of the canopy. Stabilizers on each side improved stability.


At the 1958 World Meet in Czechoslovakia the Czechs used the PTCH-1.

By the 1966 World Meet in Leipzip, Germany the PTCH-6 was a capable contender.

Here are planform views of the PTCH to PTCH-7.

Year ModelPlanformYear ModelPlanform
1960 PTCH-3PTCH-3 1962 PTCH-4PTCH-4
1966 PTCH-6PTCH-6 1968 PTCH-7PTCH-7

The rubber connecting webbing at the apex of the canopy was to be packed as shown in these diagrams.

stow 1 on PTCH

  • fold in to 20 cm length
  • use a small rubber ring - for one use only
  • pack into sleeve as shown in the second picture.

stow 2 on PTCH

You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Round >> PTCH

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