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Safety Assessment Report

Many parachute systems require a Safety Assessment Report (SAR). The SAR identifies and evaluates hazards and their associated risk levels in design, development, testing and delivery phases of a project.

A Safety Assessment Report

  • identifies hazards (Hazard Analysis)
  • assigns risk levels to each hazard
  • identifies improved designs, controls or procedures that reduce risk
  • determines new risk level when recommended suggestions are in place

Hazard Analysis

Major safety risks are identified in the Hazard Analysis. Probable cause and effect of each risk are described. Risk assessment is done before and after controls.

A Hazard Data Sheet is prepared for each hazard.

Hazard Data Sheet
Phase:Usually from packing, deployment, inflation, landing, recovery.
Condition:Statement of hazard that may lead to a mishap.
Cause:Statement of why the hazard exists.
Effect:Statement of what could happen when the hazard is present.
Risk Levels: Each risk is assigned a Probability and Severity before and after controls. See Risk and Safety for more information.
 Before Controls After Controls
Recommendations:design improvements, procedures or controls that reduce or eliminate the hazard.

Sample Hazard Data Sheet
Phase:inflation (of reefed parachutes)
Condition:cutter fails.
Cause:lifetime of cutter expired.
Effect:canopy will not fully inflate, descent rate may be higher than acceptable
Risk Levels:
 Before Controls After Controls
  • check cutter expiration date before system use
  • use several cutters on each reefing line

Data for the Hazard Data Sheet are stored in a database (any flavor) and can also be exported to XML files.

Contact for more information and references on previous Safety Analysis Reports for other projects.


You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Services >> Safety Assessment Report

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