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Madolyn Murdock

National Director Candidate

Madolyn Murdock I don't make my living skydiving, but skydiving has certainly contributed to my life over the past 22 years with much excitement, fun and many friends. I've had the privilege of serving you on the USPA BOD as a current member of the Executive Committee, Competition Committee, Constitution & By-Laws, and Chairman of the Nominations & Elections Committee and previously as Chair of the Safety & Training Committee.

I'm an active fun jumper, USPA Instructor, former small weekend DZ operator, National competitor, FAI judge, and meet director. This involvement has gained me a broad perspective of the needs and wishes of the jumping community. I would like continue to put this knowledge and my organizational abilities to work for you as National Director.

A primary concern is the promotion of safe skydiving and presenting a positive image of our sport to the public that will assist in our continuing struggle for airport access and self regulation. In addition, I am dedicated to safe student training, protecting the rights of jumpers, and encouraging competitions that are fun and educational. I want to be part of the continued advancements underway to insure the future of safe skydiving because the enjoyment we get from skydiving must be preserved for future jumpers.

For the past term I have been pleased to Chair a very diverse, judicious and constructive N & E Committee comprised of John DeSantis, Mike Mullins, Mike Perry, Larry Stapleton, and Dr. Lee Schlichtemeier. Together we found ways to isolate areas of change to the Nominations and Election procedures that were not in conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws and would help make the system fair to all candidates. We were able to eliminate the limit of 20 National candidates on the ballot and establish an across the board filing fee for all candidates and not just non-incumbents. For the first time, the candidate's bios will be published on the USPA website as well as in Parachutists. We reviewed ways to update our voting procedures that would be in line with our constitution and be cost effective.

My focus on the Competition Committee has been on revisions to the USPA Judges Certification program that will bring new judges into the program at a regional level and hopefully increase the number of qualified and current judges at the National and FAI levels.

There is much more to do and I hope to earn your vote for National Director as I feel I can continue to contribute to positive changes.

Thanks to those who trusted me to serve on USPA's Board of Directors and aided me with their support, assistance, ideas, and input. My decisions and votes will continue to consider the needs of our membership as a whole. My thanks also go to the S & TAs who give time and energy to our sport and keep our lines of communication open as well as the hard-working USPA staff members.

All USPA Directors must hear from the membership for guidance. I can be contacted at madolynm@NOSPAMaol.com. Start communicating with the USPA BOD by voting in this election!

You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Skydiving >> USPA >> Elections >> Madolyn Murdock

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