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D. Jan Stewart

Mountain Region Candidate

D. Jan Stewart Occupation:
Publications Editor
Environmental and Societal Impacts Group
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado USA

First jump: September 3, 1990. Made 301 jumps in 1991, my first full year.

Total jumps: 3,050

  • D License 14580
  • AFF/SL-I since 1994
  • Coach Course Director
  • AFF Evaluator


I have maintained a tent at the World Freefall Convention for lower-time jumpers and low-pressure skydives for 9 years now. It's been very well received, and this year (2002) we barely had enough organizers for the numbers of people who used our services. Safety and fun are emphasized.

I have held 4 Coach Courses in Colorado and have helped more than 30 people in Colorado get their rating. Over the years since I received my AFF rating, I have made almost 800 student jumps.

Why do I want to be on the USPA BOD?

This is a very important time in skydiving history. We are moving into a new phase where many people are coming into the sport for a variety of reasons. Because of modern gear, it's very easy to become a skydiver, but not so easy to receive good instruction beyond AFF. The ISP is a good start in the right direction, but the concerns of small DZs across the nation need to be better represented on the BOD. It seems there is a preponderance of DZOs and professional skydivers on the Board at present, and the small Cessna DZ with a Static Line program is underrepresented.

I work at three Drop Zones in Colorado: in Calhan (Front Range Skydivers), Brush (Denver Skydivers), and Longmont (Mile Hi Skydivers). I can take their concerns, as well as those of the other DZs in the region, to the Board and make our voice heard.

You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Skydiving >> USPA >> Elections >> D. Jan Stewart

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