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Mike Turoff

Candidate for Gulf Region Director

D-5957 Instructor Examiner in S/L, IAD, AFF, and Tandem programs First Jump: 11/12/77. Total # of jumps to date: 3257 (6/30/02) I have been privileged to be the co-author of "Parachuting, The Skydiver's Handbook" since the CD-ROM and 7th editions. I have also been an editor for numerous other works by the leading publisher of our sport's technical information, Dan Poynter. I am also a jump pilot and have a thorough knowledge of the FARs governing our sport.

Skydiving is my passion and avocation, not my main source of income. (During the regular workweek, I am an analytical chemist.)

I have been on several DZ staffs in the Texas areas of Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth. As an instructor examiner, I have directed or participated in over 25 certification courses which helped bring qualified personnel into the instructional ranks of our sport at all levels.

I have been an advisor to the USPA's BOD in several committess with an emphasis on the Safety and Training committee where I have contributed to the I/E exams and refinements to the instructional rating programs.

My most important jumps are with students as I bring fresh enthusiastic jumpers into our sport on a regular basis which helps our sport grow. Yes, I've made special jumps such as high altitude jumps, 20 to 40-way RW jumps, numerous Star Crest Jumps including the very difficult NSCSA (night hoop dive). I have very limited competition experience as the most I've participated in was the Texas 20-way competitions for fun.

Why do I want to be elected? Because I think I can help make a favorable difference in the direction the organization is going.

I can substantiate this by discussing my sincere efforts at modifying pending policies which would have caused undue hardship on many of the existing ratings holders leading to a smaller instructional pool which would cascade to greater unrest in the ranks and eventually smaller numbers of available instructor types to bring new folks into the sport are one of the biggest selling points of showing people how I have worked within the system from as far back at the late 1980's to avoid such problems.

Add to that the fact that I do not lamblast (foul mouth) others on the board but try to pursuade them with intelligent possible alternatives to what may be harmful to the membership at large and you will see that there is a person in me that works for the common good of the sport and the membership at large.

My extensive background in the sport's information base including exam rewrites, books, articles, and seminars that promote safety in the sport should be key items that help people decide that I am worthy of their vote.

Popularity is not my strong suit, yet I work hard for the benefit of all jumpers, not just a few. If elected, I will be receptive to ideas that are contradictory to my beliefs and I will give them due consideration and fair (hopefully impartial) representation when the time comes to present those ideas to the BOD.

Lastly, whether or not elected, I will still be attending the BOD meetings to hopefully continue benefiting the whole membership. If elected, what I have to say will have the additional credibility of being an elected officer. I would definitely appreciate that opportunity be afforded to me.


You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Skydiving >> USPA >> Elections >> Mike Turoff

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