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Parachute malfunctions are grouped into two broad classes: total and partial.

Total malfunctions happen when no part of the parachute system can enter the airstream.

Partial malfunctions happen when the parachute system has entered the airstream and does not deploy or inflate properly.

Total Malfunctions :
Hard Pull

Partial Malfunctions :
Line Twists
Line Sail and Line Dump
Pilot Chute in tow
Premature Opening
Two Parachutes Out
Wake Recontact

Causes of Malfunctions :
poor body or payload position
improper packing
improper maintenance
design flaw
manufacturing or assembly flaw
exeeding design limitations

- "Most malfunctions could be prevented by proper ground training."
Allen Silver D-1094

- "With a properly instructed set of packing techniques and body position the majority of malfunctions could be prevented."
Bob Sinclair

Check back soon for more history of Malfunctions
You are Here: Parachute History.com >> Malfunctions >>

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