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Relative Work

Relative Work is now called Formation Skydiving. This site uses the terms interchangably.

Record Categories

Largest Formations

In the early years of Relative Work (RW) stars were THE formation to build. Soon jumpers realized that stars were difficult to build as the number of jumpers increased. Blots were then used to establish RW large formation records. The records for both types of formations are listed below. The two most recent large star records were both the second formation of the dive.

Largest star formations are not recognized by the FAI. Parachute History recognizes large star records because they are significant achievements.


  • 6-way 1964
  • 8-way 1965
  • 10-way 1967
  • 20-way 1970
  • 24-way 1972
  • 27-way 1973
  • 31-way 1974
  • 32-way 1975
  • 62-way 1995
  • 64-way 1996
  • 100-way 1997


  • 36-way 1979
  • 60-way 1981
  • 64-way 1981
  • 72-way 1983
  • 100-way 1986
  • 120-way 1986
  • 126-way 1987
  • 144-way 1988
  • 150-way 1992
  • 200-way 1992
  • 246-way 1998
  • 282-way 1999
  • 300-way 2002

Fastest Times

  • 10-way fastest time: Jerry Bird's team Wings of Orange: 12.74 sec from DC-3 at the 2nd RW Cup Meet in South Africa (1974)

Most Points per Round

These records are set in official practice or competition jumps during an FAI sanctioned meet.



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